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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Tonight is just one of those nights where I am so full of envy of other parents that don't have kids with Type 1.Tonight I started thinking about envy and how much of it I have everyday.

I just wish life was easier.

 I envy parents that can allow their child to have sleepovers or the children that are able to go to sleepovers and not have to be afraid that no one will be there to take care of them

I envy the simplicity of life such as being able to just grab your kids and jump in the car and go.I laugh when I hear people complain about how much time it takes just to get the kids in the car to go anywhere. Well try to do that plus make sure you have the meter and insulin and of course juiceboxes and snacks for if they go low oh! wait a minute we also need the glucagon just in case and better grab the glucose gel in case they are unable to swallow oh! and some free food oh!! and check your blood sugar before we go to make sure we are all good.

I envy other parents that can put their kids to bed and pretty much know they are going to wake up in the morning.With diabetes there is no guarantee of  blood sugars not crashing while your child sleeps.

I envy other parents that don't have to constantly pierce their childs skin with needles everday.

I envy everything about a life without diabetes.But with all that said I  love my daughter more than anything in the whole world and would not change a thing I do. I do everything I do for her.With or without envy tomorrow  is going to arrive early so I must go to bed but first off to check her sugar. Goodnight and thoughts of good numbers and lots of sleep in the days ahead


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Ezekiel has a friend sleeping over here and they thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 3:30. I made them go back to sleep and then they were up for the day before 6:30. Ezekiel has been asking for sleepovers and thinks it is so unfair that he can't sleep at someone else's house 'all because of dumb diabetes'. Last night I thought if he was sleeping at a friend's house instead it would not be me waking up an hour after getting up to check blood sugars and again 3 hours later. And I must say I was a little envious too;)

  2. Envy is tough. I hate when I go there....but I do too. Great post.

  3. Hello! I found you on Sweet to the Soul! : ) Gosh, I know how you feel. I get envious too. Little things..like wishing my daughter could go to camp like everyone else. Sleepovers, Friends' houses, big long swim days..all can't happen. We have met some beautiful people because of D, so we try to be thankful. : )